The Bear’s Bicycle

bearsbicyclecoverby Emilie Warren McLeod


The story of a boy and his bear who show how to and how NOT to go for a bike ride.

Why I like this for a read aloud book:

*Detailed, fun illustrations
*Disparity between what the boy and the bear do
*Tongue-in-cheek way to show the consequences of breaking rules

Family Fun

The boy and his bear go for a bike ride everyday. Go for a Bike Ride!

Discuss the safety rules the boy follows. Do you have any different rules? Why? Talk about the rules that are most important for your bicycle ride route.

Go for a ride. Have fun!

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Fun Bike Hand Signal Facts

The boy uses a hand signal before he turns right. Here are some hand signal facts:

*Hand signals were originally designed for cars before they had reliable turn signal lights.

*That’s why all the signals can be done with the left hand–since the driver of a car sits on the left side, that is the only hand that would be easily visible to other drivers. Here is how to make bike hand signals:

*Since it’s easy for others to see both hands of a bicyclist, there are two acceptable ways for him/her to signal a right turn… as shown above, and holding the right arm horizontally like this:

Practice making the signals. Call out a direction and have your listener demonstrate. Use both the regular right turn and the alternate right turn (or decide together which one you will use).

Then have your listener call out the direction so you can demonstrate.

*Using hand signals makes bike riding safer. Bear needs to learn the hand signals! Be smart and safe and use hand signals when you ride your bike!

Food Fun

The boy and his bear have milk and crackers after their bike ride. Make Cheese Crackers.

The dough needs to chill, so make the dough before you go for your bike ride and finish making the crackers when you get back home.

You will need:

4 oz. cheddar cheese, grated
2 T. butter, softened
1/2 t. salt
1/2 c. flour
1-1 1/2  T. ice water

With a hand mixer, mix cheese, butter, and salt together until very well mixed. Add the flour. It will be very dry.
bearsbicyclecrack1Dribble in the water and continue mixing until it  comes together in a ball. Try squeezing the dough together after the first tablespoon of water to see if it will stick together. If it will, don’t add the extra water.

Roll the dough into a log. Wrap it in plastic wrap and refrigerate for an hour (or freeze for about 30 minutes.)
bearsbicyclecrack2Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Slice the dough into very thin pennies–about 1/8″. Place on parchment paper on a cookie sheet.
bearsbicyclecrack3Poke the slices with a fork. (Your listener will LOVE doing this part!)
bearsbicyclefork Bake about 13 minutes or till golden brown.
bearsbicyclecrackmilkEnjoy your crackers and milk! (I had never made crackers before and was surprised how easy these were to make and yummy too!)

Reading Reinforcement

*Talk about the difference between the way the boy and the bear ride their bikes.

*Is the boy’s bear really riding a bike? If not, what is happening?

*Take time to look at the details of the illustrations. How do the bikes look at the beginning of the book? How do they look different at the end of the book?

*Notice the name of the park where the boy and his bear go bike riding. What other interesting details can you find?


Find this book at your local library or buy it here.