Pigs Make Me Sneeze!

by Mo Willems


Will Gerald’s allergy make his friendship with Piggie impossible?

Why I like this for a read aloud book:

*The text is all dialog
*Every page invites expressive reading
*Gerald’s greatest concern is his friendship with Piggie

Family Fun

Gerald has lots of tissues on the front cover. Piggie needs tissues at the end of the book. Play Pass the Tissue.

Stand in a circle. Each player has a straw.
Drape a tissue over the straw of the first player. He holds it there by sucking air in through the straw. He must pass it to the next player.

If the tissue drops, start again. The game is over when the tissue makes it all the way around the circle without touching the floor.

For more fun Elephant Games, click here. (Scroll passed the crafts.)

More Family Fun

Gerald and Piggie like to be together. Make Kiri-Piggie and Kiri-Ellie.

Kirigami is a Japanese art form that combines folding and cutting paper.

Square a piece of paper–either white copy paper, or colored construction paper, or scrapbook paper with a design, or even printed origami paper (which will already be square.)
Fold the square piece of paper in half.
Fold it in half again.
Now fold it into a triangle.  The triangle should have folded edges at the bottom and the right side.
Draw the shape of a pig and an elephant or click here to use this template:

(I can imagine a cat or dog or monkey as well. You could just go crazy and make all kinds of kiri-animals!)

Place the template of the pig so its rear, its back foot, and its snout are all on folds. (The elephant’s tail, back foot, and bottom curve of it’s trunk must be on the folds.)
Cut out the shape and unfold it. I used pink paper for the pig:
I used white paper for the elephant:
Now you may leave them as they are, color them, decorate them in any way you like, or put them together to form a wreath:
These pigs and elephants will ALWAYS be close together!

 Music Fun

Maybe if Gerald had covered his mouth when he sneezed, Piggie wouldn’t be sick. Sing the No Cold Song.

Sing these lyrics to the tune of Hickory Dickory Dock:

Cover your mouth when you cough.
Cover your mouth when you sneeze.
When you cough
Or when you sneeze,
Cover your mouth if you please.

Here is the music to Hickory Dickory Dock if you aren’t familiar with it:

Tissue Fun

Gerald and Piggie needed lots of tissues. Make a Tissue Picture.

Cut an oval for a head, an angled rectangle for the neck, and the traced hand of your listener.
Glue the neck and head on a half sheet of construction paper. Use a marker to draw on features and hair.
Glue half a tissue over the nose. Glue the wrists on the back of the paper and the fingers on the tissue.
This guy is ready for any cough or sneeze!

Reading Reinforcement

*As you read, use lots of expression. Use a different voice for Gerald and Piggie. The bigger the text, the louder your voice should be. Use facial expressions too. Your listener will love hearing/seeing the book read with lots of enthusiasm.

*Notice that all of Gerald’s dialog is gray, Piggie’s is pink, and Doctor Cat’s is brown. Why did the illustrator do that?

*Take time to point out the expressions of the characters. Ask your listener what the character is thinking/feeling or just comment yourself: “Piggie looks confused.” or “Poor Doctor Cat. Gerald hugged him too hard!”

*Don’t you love Piggie’s helmet? Talk about how Piggie prepared as best he could for what he thought was coming. Are there things for which your listener needs to prepare? What can he do to prepare?

*Explain that when a cat is frightened or upset, its fur will stand on end just like Doctor Cat’s. I had never seen that until our cat stepped into snow the first time. It was quite a sight! I had no idea his tail could look that big!

*Do YOU like to be sick? Ask your listener why Gerald is happy that he is sick?


Find this book at your local library or buy it here