Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

by Eric Litwin


Pete the cat takes everything in stride while singing his song.

Why I like this for a read aloud book:

*Colorful, fun artwork
*I love any book that promotes singing!
*Pete’s nonchalant expression

Family Fun

Pete walks along and sings. Make a Walking Pete.

Draw your own Pete parts or click here and print mine:
Color and cut out the parts, or use the pattern to cut Pete from construction paper like I did.

Use brads or paper clips (unfold one side of the paper clip, push it through the appendage and the body, and re-fold the paperclip to its original shape) to attach the legs and tail to the body. I glued the head, but you can make it moveable also if you like. Now you have a Walking Pete!

More Family Fun

Walking Pete is barefoot. In the book, Pete wears tennis shoes. What other kinds of shoes might Pete wear? Make some shoe options for Pete to wear.

*Here are some shoe options:

Cowboy boots
Flip flops
Rain boots
Sunday shoes
Wooden shoes

And if Pete were a girl cat he might also wear:

High heels
Ballet shoes

Design your own shoes, or click and print here for these options:
Make a different shoe for each foot or make four copies and have a shoe for each foot!

*Would a cat wear horseshoes? Why or why not? Can you design cat shoes especially for Pete?

Even More Family Fun

Now you have a Walking Pete and shoes for him to wear. Play Pin the Shoe on Pete.

Use the Walking Pete you just made with the shoe options, or go to the HarperCollins website and print their version.

If you use the HarperCollins shoes, color them red, blue, brown or any other color you like. Cut out the shoes and put a piece of rolled masking tape on the back. If you use your shoe options, also put a piece of rolled tape on the back. Hang Walking Pete or the picture of Pete on the refrigerator or a wall, making sure there is a clear path.

Use a blindfold to cover your listener’s eyes. Spin him a few times and have him try to “pin” Pete’s shoe on his front left foot. Be sure to take a turn yourself. Who can get the shoe closest to Pete’s foot?

I think the player with the flip flop won!

Reading Reinforcement

*The author wrote the book intending the refrain, “I love my white shoes” to be sung. You can download the music with the words to the book at the HarperCollins website, or listen to the author read and sing the story on this YouTube video, or watch this reading, which is my favorite!


*This book provides LOTS of opportunity for your listener to participate. The repetition makes it easy for your listener to know what to expect and to be able to fill in the blanks. Be sure to pause to let your listener tell you what color Pete’s shoes are, whether or not he cried, etc. Be sure to sing the refrain together!

*Look for Pete’s bird friend. How many times does he appear?


Find this book at your local library or buy it here.